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A woman who puts a finger on her lips as if to say: hush, be quiet!


Who I Am and Why I Value Privacy

Hello! My name is Tadeusz Szewczyk. You can call me Tad Chef though for the sake of simplicity.

I'm also known as onreact. My main website is called because of this.

I write for this website. In other words I am responsible for this publication.

I may sometimes publish writings by other people as well.

Yet despite this I am the owner here. I'm an individual not a company.
I value your privacy and do not collect your data for no apparent reason.

Privacy is a human right!

I've been a privacy advocate for many years.

I even created a Google+ collection called "privacy publicity" highlighting important privacy and security insights.

My motto is: "when you have nothing to hide why don't you go naked then?"

On the Web you also need to cover up yourself instead of showing your private parts.

What Data Do I Collect if Any?

At I don't collect any private data whatsoever!

I have built the website myself in
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
and know each line of source code.

There is no need for private data on the site! It's only my virtual business card or a kind of minimalist image brochure, nothing more!

Therefore I only need my own personal data that I publicize!

When you write me by mail or call me up your private data will never be given to any third parties.

I don't even talk about it with my wife! She's not interested in the details of the work I do anyway.

She rather falls asleep. So no worry! I keep it to myself.

Do Others Collect Data on my Site?

I don't use common trackers like Google Analytics or Facebook "like" buttons.

To make sure that nobody tracks you on my site without my knowledge I carefully select the tools I use.

In fact I regularly check my own sites using a tool called Privacy Badger by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) - a non-profit organization that protects your rights online.

Instead I use a more privacy-oriented Web analytics tool to find out how many people visited my website.

It's a software called Matomo (formerly called Piwik) that is based on open source technology. That means you can see what it does.

I won't personally identify you though unless you share your name.

What are Web analytics tools?

It's software that records when someone visited a website. What kind of information do analytics tools usually track?
  • They know which device and operating system you use - for example a Windows computer or Android phone
  • They probably also know your screen size and operating system version
  • They know what browser you use - for example Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • They track which pages you visited and how long you viewed them.
  • They know how often you visited my site and where you came from by using a link.
  • They can record where on the page you clicked or moved your cursor (from your mouse) over.
  • Some of them save your IP. This can sometimes be used to personally identify you. The tool I use doesn't.
I'm not keen on viewing your IP address or personally identify you unless you want me to.

Then we can become friends. In case you prefer to remain a stranger - no problem!

OK, You Contacted me but Aren't Happy About it Anymore

One day you decided to contact me but then later realized that you don't like me to know who you are or what your mail address is.

You may also have changed your mind and now think that your message was inappropriate.

You don't want me to store it anymore along your name.

You may also simply wonder what personal information I have stored about you.

You have a right to know! I will try to find it all and tell you.

You may even choose to let me remove any evidence of your visit/s to this site!
I will do my best to accomplish that! Only no data is truly safe data!

You can always ask me to remove your name or mail address.

Just approach me by writing a mail to onreact at

In case you are afraid other people might be able to read that message you can also write me to onreact at - a fully encrypted mail service based in Switzerland.

When you don't want me to know your current mail address at all you can also ask for personal information removal via social media.

Make sure that I know you really are who say you are. I rather advise you to write me from the mail address you used on the blog here for commenting.

Otherwise you can prove your identity by sending me a photo of your ID - be it your
  • ID card
  • passport
  • driver's license
or similar document.

I may refuse to remove or change your personal information in case I'm not convinced that you really are who you claim to be.