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Social Media Manager

Hello, I am Tadeusz Szewczyk, freelance social media manager from Berlin. What's that? Let me explain!

A website by itself does not suffice anymore nowadays. Most people expect that you or your company is also available via social networks like
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
Strangers can become friends when you share with them on social media
After a while the interaction allows the audience to get to know and trust you ideally as long as you have proven to be credible.

To get there you need a steady flow of updates - short messages that reflect your philosophy and opinions but also express your values.

Most people are - both privately or for business purposes - unable to maintain a permanent presence on social media, let alone make sure to garner a larger audience around them. A social media manager takes care of it for you.

What are social media managers actually doing?

On social media you are not meant to aggressively promote your own products.

Rather listening on social networks allows you to serve existing and potential clients or unrelated third parties.
An actively listening presence and when needed reacting is about taking care of customers, fans and interested people and establishing relationships.
How does it work in particular? What are social media managers actually doing? Social media management generally consists of
  • listening
  • analyzing
  • sharing
  • reacting
  • managing
Social media managers have to listen to notice or find out when people are talking about you, your company or your topics get covered.

They have to analyze in as far such mentions are truly relevant. Do we need to respond or should we rather stay silent?

Sharing valuable content from different sources is also the daily bread on social networks.

Sadly most businesses solely post automated updates and do not respond to feedback.

On a case to case basis social media managers decide how to react or whether you don't.

Does criticism have to be forwarded as helpful feedback or answered immediately to limit potential damage?

Implementing the social media strategy

The social media manager has to decide which services are to be used in the first place. Some call that part of the social media strategy.

Not all social media are equally relevant. It often depends on the
  • audience
  • topic
  • market
and the client itself.

A multitude of social networks is vying for your attention and encourages you to publish content for free or at least to share it from third party sources.

Regular usage of even just a few of these services means a considerable effort and costs mainly a lot of time.
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
do not have to be used as a pastime. You can on the contrary actively contribute to attract people who are already interested in you or your offerings.

People on social media are already preoccupied with the topics that matter for your business or organization. We can pick them up where they are waiting for us.

A social media manager can use social networking accounts for you to
  • manage content
  • build relationships
  • establish authority in a given niche
When we approach people who are already interested in you they will become thankful and satisfied fans. These people will function as your advocates on their own accord.

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